The UKs population is increasingly diverse, black and Asian minority ethnic (BAME) communities account for 19.5% of the UKs population; BAME physical activity (PA) levels have been reported as lower than the general UK population (Sport England, 2005). Research has shown that this community has a different experience and understanding of physical activity due to migration history and cultural beliefs. This leads to BAMEs facing a number of cultural and perceived barriers towards participating in PA. The Sporting Equal Faith Centre model is a sports programme used to bring together BAME communities, by allowing them the experience of participating in multiple sporting activities such as football, boxing, cricket and tennis, which are all supported by qualified coaches (Sporting Equals, 2015). These sessions provide key skills and knowledge to the community about social cohesion.




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Case Study

A case study implemented by Sporting Equals showed that by increasing football participation in schools and communities would break down barriers from different cultures. This was shown by Rachel Yankey who is a Ghanaian who represented England and played for Arsenal in football, when not playing or practicing she spent time working in schools coaching … Continue reading Case Study

Sporting Equals

Sporting Equals has had a lot of success in BME communities, they work in three key areas trying to increase sport participation, active communities and equality and diversity in sport. They currently support different sports governing bodies such as Sport England, the football association and many more, this helps the sports providers to engage BME … Continue reading Sporting Equals

Social Cohesion and Community Cohesion

Cohesion is vitally important in every aspect of life, without cohesion different groups are working against one another which causes tension, violence and discrimination (Cantle, 2007). Sports clubs are used to increase communities’ social cohesion, this is an important concept due to society becoming more diverse. It allows the bringing together of people who share … Continue reading Social Cohesion and Community Cohesion

Barriers towards participation

The socio-ecological model shows that there are multiple, interconnected barriers which affect the participation levels of BME’s in sport, the model is broken down into three sections personal, social and environmental barriers towards participation in sport (Cleland et al, 2008). The personal centre of the model includes personal factors that increase or decrease the likelihood … Continue reading Barriers towards participation

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