Case Study

A case study implemented by Sporting Equals showed that by increasing football participation in schools and communities would break down barriers from different cultures. This was shown by Rachel Yankey who is a Ghanaian who represented England and played for Arsenal in football, when not playing or practicing she spent time working in schools coaching and teaching football. This enabled her to see the breakdown of cultural barriers and the bringing together of people who would not usually relate. Rachel states ‘I believe that sport helps communities build bridge and develop integration’ (Sporting Equals, 2011). The case study showed that male football coaches from the BME communities had chances to develop there coaching skills, however females didn’t feel comfortable in the male orientated environment, especially those who are from different cultural and faith backgrounds. Overall she believed that there needs to be a course for only female participants to increase the females coaching infrastructure. She also believed that people from the community need to get involved to produce BME role models for the young people, to show the benefits of coaching, especially to promote a coaching career.



Sporting Equals (2011). This Girl Can Coach. Sporting Equals Promoting ethnic diversity in sport and physical activity. Retrieved from on 26th March 2017.



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