Sporting Equals

Sporting Equals has had a lot of success in BME communities, they work in three key areas trying to increase sport participation, active communities and equality and diversity in sport. They currently support different sports governing bodies such as Sport England, the football association and many more, this helps the sports providers to engage BME communities and encourage more people to get involved in the activities. I believe that Sporting Equals is a great organisation as it allows BME communities and other communities to come together and sort out differences by using sport. It allows the community to increase their inclusiveness which can actually make life in general healthier. By involving younger generations in sport, this can increase their chance of becoming role models for the next generation, this would create a trend that BME communities should be involved in sport. However, I believe they could expand the project into more areas across England so that all BME communities are allowed access to sport and should run bigger events in the summer to promote inclusiveness during the summer holidays for the young people. This can help change attitudes of young people towards other races, which in the future they become the leaders of Great Britain they would have a better attitude towards conflicts between races as they would have been brought up to see everyone as equal.


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